Dual Monitor Wallpaper Creator (Dual Screen Wallpaper Creator)

This web application converts an image into a very nice wallpaper for dual monitor computers, particularly with different resolutions. It is intended to be used with Windows 7, but may also work with other operationg systems.

WallpaperWallpaper display before the optimizationWallpaper display after the optimization
The wallpaper is displayed correctly over both screens.
Application windowsApplication display before the optimizationApplication display after the optimization
Application window displacement is minimized (if you did the calibration as described below).
Image fileWallpaper image file before the optimizationWallpaper image file after the optimization
New wallpaper image file is being created especially for your monitor setup.

Example dual monitor configuration with a 25 percent higher pixel density at the right monitor.

Physical Dimensions

Take a folding rule and measure the size of the visual image on each monitor (without the border!).



Now measure the distance between both images, this includes the gap between the monitors and their borders. Typically there is a tiny black space between the border of each monitor and its image, include this into your measurement.


How are the monitors aligned vertically?

Software Configuration

Right-click on the desktop space and choose "Screen Resolution" from the context menu. Which screen resolutions are set? Click on each monitor to show its configuration.



Which monitor is the primary display? Typically this is the one which shows the taskbar and the start menu.

Calibrating screen changes

Due to different monitor resolutions it is important to calibrate the relative positions among the screens in order to minimize mouse pointer displacement during screen changes, and maximize readability of text which is distributed among both screens. Click on the enable JavaScript screen symbol in the configuration window and move it around, until its coordinates match enable Javascript as good as possible (hold the Ctrl key while moving the symbol!).

If you are familiar with the registry editor, you can download & run (do not run it from the temporary downloads folder, or it will fail) the batch file regedit_2ndDisplay.bat, subsequently start the regestry editor and enter enable JavaScript (hexadecimal) for the value Position.cy. Then log off, and log in again to see the changes.
Using the registry you are able to set the value most accurately. Because the registry key is not easy to find, you can use the batch file which will direct you towards the correct registry key.
Do not do this, if you do not know what you are doing. Messing up the registry may damage your system.
The batch file does not need administrator rights in order to work, however the registry editor does. The batch file will only cause one modification to your system: It changes the registry entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Regedit\LastKey, which does not work if the file is executed at the temporary download folder due to security reasons.

1280, px

Choosing a picture

Now choose a picture from your computer. Its aspect ratio should be enable Javascript, otherwise it will be cut automatically. The recommended image resolution is enable Javascript or greater.

(max. 64MByte, JPG or PNG)

Setting the new Wallpaper

Click to create and download your new wallpaper (this takes some time). Set the picture position to "Tile".

Save the settings

the data on your computer (with a cookie). Next time you visit this website, you do not have to enter them again.
the default values.

Final notes

Converting the image file does not affect its licence. Please respect the rights of the author of the original image.

Feedback: oliver.heimlich@heimlich-online.net